Dr. Laura Ross

NERC independent research fellow


Institute of Evolutionary Biology

University of Edinburgh



The focus of my research is to understand why reproduction is so variable across life. I am esspecially interested in the evolution of "asymmetric" reproduction, where mothers and fathers do not contribute equally to the genetic material of their offspring. These systems are present in approximately 15% of all animal species, but their evolution and evolutionary consequences remain poorly understood.

I aim to increase our understanding of "asymmetric" reproduction using a combination of comparative, theoretical and experimental approaches. 



Stevie Bain and Andrés de la Filia will join my lab as PhD candidates in September!

The first paper from our Nescent working groups the "tree of sex" just got accepted in Plos Biology

Our review on "Genetic conflict, kin and the origins of novel genetic systems" came out in a special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B commemorating the 50th anniversary of W.D. Hamilton's papers on inclusive fitness, download the pdf here

Our review on "The evolution of genomic imprinting: theories, predictions and empirical tests" just came out in a special issue of Heridity. Find it here!